Good News for Adoptees

This is good news for adoptees who are tracing their family histories.birth certificate of potential adoptees

That would include the late Sara-Ann Beatty and others whom I have met over the years.

In one case I know of someone who learned that her birth name was “Konert.” Several years ago, she sent out letters to every Konert in Missouri searching for her birth parents. The only bit of info she had was that her mother was 36, worked as a housekeeper in the Kansas City area, was Catholic, and was a good seamstress. She did not know the father’s name, but he was a son of the family she worked for. They owned department stores in the Kansas City area and he was Lutheran.  Those were the only clues she had. She was born in 1947.

Now it seems that in a couple of years, she will be able to get a copy of her original birth certificate.